Year in Review - 2021 CPD Police Operations Calendar!!!

The 2021 RAS CPD Police Operations Calendar marks the 23rd year that we have been providing calendars to Chicago’s Finest Men and Women . . . and the family and friends who need to keep track of them. Thank you for your continued support!

Following our 2020 calendar format, the 2021 calendar has a photo accompanying each monthly calendar page! This is always a major undertaking because locating high-resolution, quality photos of Chicago Police Officers in their natural settings are often difficult to come by. With 2020 being soooo 2020ish we decided to use HISTORIC PHOTOS on our 2021 calendars. We trust you will approve! 

A note or two about our historic photos . . .

We respect the copyrights of photographers and their work. The historic photos used in our 2021 calendar are from private, personal collections, which do not automatically transfer publishing rights. We went to great lengths to use photographs which because of their age, original use, or ownership did allow for their reproduction.

In light of the reproduction copyright restrictions, these photos do not portray the rich, diverse history of the Chicago Police Department’s “Proud Tradition.” That is to say we are aware that these photos lack the diversity of race and gender we would prefer to celebrate in our calendars, but it was a reality we faced and ultimately accepted.

You will notice some photos have a reddish-brown hue while others are black and white. The reddish-brown color is known as “sepia” and was added to the photo development process by photographers to give the photo “warmth” and make the image “more interesting” or “appealing.” That is not to say black and white photos are not interesting! Older news photos were typically black and white for reproduction purposes. We added a “digital sepia tone” to some of the photos in this calendar to reflect the sepia tone of the original hardcopy prints from which we worked. We also added sepia tone to the image on the cover and June’s photo to add that warmth and interest/appeal of which we spoke. The rest were left as black and white images, again as the originals we used.

Finally, due to the horizontal alignment of the calendar layout we did have to crop some of the image from their original dimensions. We are going to post an image of the full photo for June, July, August, October and December during those months here on our website and social media, so please come back and take a look. We will send out email reminders as well — so zap us your email in the form at the bottom of this page. Also, the photos used in March, October, and December have more to “the rest of the story,” for those images, so again we will post that in their respective months.