"SEARCH FOR DEATH MYSTERY CLEW [sic]. Photo shows from left to right, Eleanor, daughter of Mrs. Kate Mitchell, missing Chicago woman; Chief Michael Hughes, and Albert Foster, a former suitor of the missing woman, and who is held by the police charged with her murder. The police believe that Foster, on whose automobile human blood was found, murdered the woman and then secretly disposed of the body." December 15, 1922.

Further news from the December 16, 1922, Kansas City Kansan reported:


Screams on River Bank Heard by Watchmen Newest Clew in Mystery.

Chicago, Dec. 16.—Two shrieks from the banks of the Chicago river on midnight of December 2 were counted by police today to help solve the mysterious disappearance of Mrs. Kate Mitchell Trostell.

In the Meantime Arthur Foster, held in connection with the case, was removed from detective headquarters to the custody of the sheriff to prevent further “third degree” questioning by the police.

Foster told police several different stories. He asserted that Mrs. Trostell jumped into the river after a quarrel on the night of December 2. The turning basin where he said she committed suicide was dragged but no body was found.

Today two watchmen appeared and told police they heard the two shrieks of a woman a few miles from the place Foster said Mrs. Trostell jumped into the river. Police immediately started dragging operations at the latter spot.(Source:https://www.newspapers.com/clip/8554973/1922-12-16thekansascitykansanksshr/)

Reports that Arthur Foster was removed from detectives and placed under the custody of the sheriff to prevent further ‘third degree’ questioning. Foster had apparently given police several different stories concerning the murder of Kate Mitchell Trostell in his efforts to confuse and mislead. Police began search operations along a stretch of the river where witnesses heard a woman screaming.

GRANITE MAN by Shayne Davidson, November 25, 2018reveals more . . .

Katherine “Kate” Mitchell Trostell went missing December 2, 1922. By Christmas Day her body still had not been found. Chicago Police Detectives brought Trostell’s 11-year old daughter, Eleanor. into the interrogation process to confront Trostell’s suitor (and prime suspect) Arthur Foster. Eleanor threw her arms around Foster’s neck and begged him to bring her mother back. Foster replied, “I’d like to honey, but I don’t know anything about her.”

Trostell’s family and coworkers claimed Foster was a violent man who had chased her, shot at her, and thrown rocks at the window to her office. Police found blood on the running board of his vehicle and a yellow pencil with Trostell’s teeth marks on it within the car. Police dragged the Chicago River where Foster alleged she jumped in to commit suicide and found her coat and purse . . . but not her body.

On January 23, 1923, Trostell’s body surfaced at the end of the Chicago River canal (I & M Canal) in Lockport, Illinois. The Deputy Coroner said Trostell was alive when she went into the water, but there was a bruise on her forehead and several more on her knees and hands.

Were the injuries the result of a violent struggle OR could they have resulted during her fall???

Arthur Foster was charged with first degree murder . . . Was he found guilty or innocent???

What happened to Trostell’s daughter, Eleanor???

What became of Chicago Police Chief “Go Get ’em Mike” Hughes???

FOR THE ANSWERS TO ALL THESE QUESTIONS, with complete respect and gratitude for the research of Shayne Davidson, please visit her FULL ARTICLE HERE: GRANITE MAN.

KATHERINE “KATE” MITCHELL TROSTELL is buried at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery
Katherine “Kate” Mitchell Trostell • BIRTH 1890 • DEATH 2 Dec 1922 (aged 31–32) • Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA • BURIAL Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA • PLOT Section 48 Lot 355 • MEMORIAL ID 183164725 · View Source

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