Law Enforcement Outreach

Supporting First Responders and the communities they serve

Since 1994, Russell Schultz, the founder of RAS Communications, has been a member of the Law Enforcement Community. Serving as a sworn patrol police officer, detective, and other roles, he has been able to utilize his design and communication skills to promote professionalism, strengthen internal and external communication, and elevate community outreach and engagement.

From the most basic tool of any professional — the business card — to annual reports and website design, from brochures to powerpoint presentations and social media campaigns, the list of projects not undertaken is shorter than those completed. From community alerts to recruitment campaigns to YouTube Channel Development, there isn’t a special project — great or small — your team can’t handle that RAS can.

Whether you are an individual officer, a law enforcement agency, fraternal or social organization, or even a security firm, RAS Communications understands the often-required need for confidentiality  and respects your privacy and the trust which must follow. After all, we have shared them for nearly 30 years! 

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