Body Worn Camera Videos

Collecting Body Worn Camera footage from a variety of police departments across the country, our goal at the Police Officers’ Network is to provide you with better insights on the encounters that police officers face while on duty. 

We believe it is important to share these videos because they provide a more complete look at these encounters which are rarely seen in their entirety, relegated to few second snippets on the nightly news.

The video playlist we have curated includes a variety of intense situations that have been caught on body worn cameras. We have NOT edited any videos and may be too GRAPHIC or VIOLENT for sensitive viewers.  

As a community of police officers and the people who love them, we always welcome suggestions for content across all our pages, including the Body Worn Camera page. Please use the form below to submit a link to other videos you have seen online that you would like us to share with others.

July 30, 2020, 9:34am – Chicago 025th District – Officer-involved shooting and the events immediately following it. A court order entered on September 9, 2020, in the case of People v. Lovelle Jordan, No 20 CR-0766401, prohibited the Chicago Office of Police Accountability’s release of these videos is no longer in place. That order is included in the materials below. The case media is available here:

Fremont, California — Fremont Police released body camera footage in connection with a fatal police shooting of a robbery suspect identified as 34-year-old Joshua James Gloria, along Highway 84 last month. The incident occurred at March 24, 2021, at around 2:48PM following a pursuit that ended on eastbound SR-84, west of Newark Boulevard. The vehicle being pursued had been reported stolen and was associated with an armed robbery.

A Greenfield, Wisconsin police officer took drastic action to stop thieves in a stolen car. The officer performed what’s called a PIT maneuver, ramming the car to stop it. The stolen car was heavily damaged when it hit a concrete pole. The pole was toppled by the force. The four teens in the car ran away. Greenfield’s police chief said his officer made a judgment call to save lives, forcing the stolen car to spin out at about 97 mph.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police – LVMPD officers in pursuit of two murder suspects are fired at 34 times. This body worn camera footage shows the end of the chase during which officers, numerous motorists, and the public at large were in extreme danger.

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