Police Promo

Experts in Outreach and Engagement, the PONetwork has the Promotional Products you need to effectively reach others — Balloons, Banners, Challenge Coins, Magnets, Patches, Pencils/Pens, Stickers, Table Covers/Tents, Tshirts — all those cool items you can put your logo on. We have THOUSANDS of options! 

Promotional Products are among the most effective and affordable ways to achieve continual, repeated exposure of your organizational identity or marketing message. Everyone loves a free gift, so your Promotional Product, will be eagerly accepted and kept for a long, long time. Most Promotional Products are kept for months, if not YEARS! 

In addition to Outreach and Engagement, many law enforcement organizations use PRomotional Products to give as gifts to their members or donors. We have those too! 

And don’t forget those first responders who have been promoted or reached the glorious stage of retirement — we have gifts and awards — and a bunch of single items you can purchase. 

Whatever it is you need, if it can be PRINTED, IMPRINTED, or otherwise EMBELLISHED, the Police Officers’ Network has what you need, and you can continue to work with members of the extended blue family. Fill out the form below and we can help you get started. 

If you are a self-starter, by all means, start HERE by clicking on the link to our Police Promos website:  Follow the link

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Everything you need, and some things you just want!